The following is a review of David Garner's Cuadro Cuadrangulos from The British Horn Society in December 2006. 

The Horn Player

by Bob Ashworth Copyright 2006
December 2006

Citrus’ by Quadre. Featuring David Garner's Cuadro Cuadrangulos.

Hailed as an ensemble that "zaps the myth that classical stuff's stuffy" (Birmingham News), QUADRE-The Voice of Four Horns is a group of 4 solo French horn artists who provide concert presentations, interactive educational outreach, lectures and workshops each season. As the only full time horn quartet in the country, the ensemble’s mission is to make new music accessible, engaging, and enjoyable for audiences. They have fun on stage doing what they do and have found that it can be quite infectious. Not surprisingly, their playing has been described as full of moments of “inspiration, sorrow, silliness, love, virtuosic display, but above all: just plain fun.” (International Horn Call)

From the outset the homogeneity of the group is in evidence. Their attention to details of balance, ensemble and intonation is exemplary throughout and there is some particularly fine work in the middle and low registers that results in a firm and dense texture.

All the pieces are wonderful in their own right, and as part of a recital programme (especially for educational purposes) any individual item would be superb when scheduled with more varied repertoire or used in the context of a workshop my favourite track is Son Montuno, one of the Cuadro Cuadrangulos by David Garner with its lovely melody and relaxed feel.

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