2004 Five Chokas for the New Princess, a cappella for three women's voices  

Five chokas by Mutsuo Shukuya.  Commissioned by Mutsuo Shukuya.  In Japanese.  Premiered by Miwako Isano, Michiko Saito and Micheline Steacy December 31st, 2005 at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum.

1996 Epitaphs, for mixed a capella chorus  
Texts by Michelangelo.  In Italian. Commissioned and premiered by the San Francisco Chamber Singers.
Duration: 15'
Listen to Epitaphs 1
Listen to Epitaphs 2
Listen to Epitaphs 3
Listen to Epitaphs 4

1989 Seuss'd, for SATB quartet or chorus, a cappella   Text by Dr. Suess.
Premiered by the Bridge Quartet; March, 1989.
Duration: 4'

1988 Master Gamgee's Troll Song. for SATB quartet or chorus a cappella   Text by J.R.R.Tolkien.
Duration: 5'

1995 That All the Woods Shall Answer, for SATB chorus, organ and tambourine ad lib   Text from Edmund Spenser's Epithalamion.
Premiered by the Conservatory Cantata Singers, November, 1989.
Duration: 9'

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