2015 Mary Pleasant at Land's End, Opera in Two Acts  

Commissioned by Opera Parallele to an original libretto by Mark Hernandez, about San Francisco's Barbary Coast in the 1880s. To be premiered in 2016/2017.
Listen to 10 minute sampler
Listen to the entire 4/4/2016 Faculty Artist Series preview performance

In Progress   Compound Carmen, a burlesque for two mezzo-sopranos and speaking role   Commissioned by Catherine Cook and Wendy Hillhouse

2010 Daughter of Night, solo operatic scene for mezzo-soprano and jazz ensemble   Original libretto. Commissioned by Crystal Philippi. Premiered October, 2010, San Francisco

2002 The Curious Sofa, a staged solo for soprano and piano; original staging requires an additional actor   Story by Edward Gorey.
Commissioned by Asia Roos. Premiered by Asia Roos and the composer, March, 2002. Duration: 15'

1999 The Money Tree, an opera in one act   Libretto by Daniel Cohen

1998 Eloise, a staged solo for soprano and piano   From the book by Kay Thompson.
Commissioned by Alexandra Garner. Premiered March, 1999

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