1999 Dhurga Dances, two pianos   Premiere by The Angelo Piano Duo, March, 1999.

1994 (rev 2012) Dodecahedron   Duration: 4'
Watch video of Dodecahdron (at 8: 12)

Score available for purchase.

1992 Two Etudes Labyrinth (5' 24;)
Traveling Light (3' 10;)
Premiered by Scott Foglesong, March 1992.
Duration: 8' 34
Watch video of Labyrinth

Watch video of Traveling Light (at 4:45)

Score available for purchase

1988 Four for Shiva, four hands
Commissioned by Bernard Mizel.
1. Brazilio-Cuban
2. Fast Bop
3. Hard Drive
4. Brazilio-Cuban II
Premiered by the composer with pianist Peggy Salkind, March, 1989.
Duration: 12'
Available on the Con Molto Classics CD en Blanc et Noir by the Angelo Piano Duo.
Watch 1. Brazilio-Cuban
Watch 3. Hard Drive (at 3:40)

1987 Cinq Hommages (1983, revised)   I. à C. Debussy Listen
II. à G. Gershwin Listen
III. à E. Satie Listen
IV. à I. Albeniz Listen
V. à M. Ravel Listen

Premiered by Peggy Salkind in a Faculty Artist Series Concert, January, 1988
Duration: 13'

1983 Chug (a sonata in one movement)   Premiered by the composer, March 1983.
Duration: 11'

1982 Five Pieces   1. Prelude
2. Why Not?
3. Jazz 'n' Tonic
4. Alexandra
5. Much Ado
Premiered by the composer, March, 1983.
Duration: 10'30"

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